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Semantic Navigation

Semantic navigation consists of a relationship between links in different parts of a web site. This relationship must be encoded in such a way that it activates the semantic navigation toolbar integrated in some browsers. Its purpose is to facilitate browsing throughout the web site.

Navigation toolbar

Below we list the browsers that include a default toolbar and others that require a plug-in (a small additional program):

  • Browsers that include a default semantic navigation toolbar :
    • Lynx
    • Opera
    • Mosaic
    • Mozilla
    • Netscape 6.0 (Eliminated in the 7.1 version)
  • Browsers that do not have a navigation toolbar by default and the name of the plug-in :

Using this toolbar you can directly access the main Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda links.

  • Home page
  • Site map
  • Main menu
  • Contact
  • Search engine
  • Navigation Guide
  • Contents (skips directly to the beginning of the main content of the page being viewed).
  • Versions of the page in different languages (Spanish, Catalan-Valencian, Basque, Galician, English)

If you require more information on semantic navigation you may consult the following urls: