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Spain contributes in the European debate of the goals of the energy Union by 2030

Spain argues that a level ambitious renewable in demands redoubled efforts to enhance interconnections and a firm commitment to energy efficiency

Measures are needed to accelerate the evolution of technologies such as electric vehicle, but without increasing energy costs to the consumer

Lassalle participates in the VI conference on Information Society of latin america and Caribbean

The secretary of State will boost the objectives of the Iberoamerican Letter for the development of Digital Ecosystem signed during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

The occupied in the tourist sector are increased 6.4% in March

This month spain reached the record of the historical series with 2.349.037 affiliates in tourist activities

Participants represent 12.7% of total employment in the Spanish economy

Andalucian marvel is the community with the largest number of affiliated with 276.093

Digital Agenda publishes the first call the Plan 300x100

The convening of the year 2018 has a staff of 150 million aids and will be open until the next 16 May

The Plan 300x100 contribute decisively to bridge the digital divide and the digital transformation of the economy

The budget of the ministry of energy, tourism and Digital Agenda amount 5.599 million euros in 2018

A growing 6.36% compared to 2017, with increases in almost all chapters of spending

It drove policies on energy efficiency, renewable and alternative mobility

Increase in tourism actions aimed at the rehabilitation of tourist infrastructure and the digitization of the tourist sector

Progress in meeting the goals of digitization of our country through the PEBA and actions in the field of smart territories, among other measures

Nadal boosts participation of Spain in the European platform of coal regions in transition

The goal of the platform is to facilitate the transition from mining areas towards other socio-económicos systems more sustainable development

Catillano and lion, and Asturias March team will form part of the country to join this platform

Open the registration deadline of II World Congress Smart destination

The event, organized by the OMT, the ministry of tourism and the government of the principality of Asturias, will host the first hackathon for smart destinations

All the information is in the following link:

Turespaña launches the international promotion campaign England in 10 seconds

Starts today in social networks and digital media from 15 countries and has a budget of two million euros

Starring Spanish personalities disclosing will gradually as the psychiatrist Luis Rojas frameworks, the designer of the Radio It Prada and sportsman Carolina Marín

The Government authorizes Abertis and the acquisition of CDTI actions in Hispasat Eutelsat

After this agreement bearing the Abertis 89,68% shareholder Hispasat, the state-owned company of Industrial Holdings (DUAFA) 7.41% and the center for technological development and industry (CDTI) the 2.91%

The Government gives the green light to the draft bill of electronic services of confidence

The new text will provide greater security for the provision of these services

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