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Notas de Prensa de 2014

Nadal announces the introduction of a bill to regulate the closure of power plants

The initiative will be presented in the coming days the parliamentary group Popular in the congress

The minister and the president of government march signen un conveni framework to advance the coal-mining districts

The Government drives the processing of the third gas interconnection with France

The project STEP (South Transit East Pyrenees) will create a third interconnection between both countries, key to integrate the Iberian Peninsula in the European internal market

78 Million brings energy to the ministry of economy to offset the costs of industries CO2

The Government believes that a competitive industry is key to economic growth and job creation. In this sense it is essential competitive energy prices

Álvaro Nadal underlines the strength of the German market in berlin ITB

The minister has met with TUI Group and Thomas Cook Group, as well as the main tourist operators of Germany

Germany was the second market issuer of tourists in Spain last year

Formed the interministerial group that developed the Plan for the digital transformation of the Spanish economy

The Council of ministers adopted last 16 February the creation of this group.

The Government expands 78 million in aid for energy refurbishment of buildings to make them more efficient

The ministry of energy also expands in 5 million the budget to install charging points for electric vehicles

INCIBE resolves over 123,000 incidents of cybersecurity in 2017

The number of incidents reported by citizens and businesses is increased by 6.77% compared to 2016

The INCIBE has a budget of €23M for 2018

The electricity bill has been reduced by 7.5% so far this year

At the beginning of the year, the electricity bill has been reduced by approximately EUR 11 for an average household compared to the same period of the previous year

In January spain receives more than 4 million international tourists

Spending by international visitors has increased 5.6 per cent and has been located in 4.501 billion euros

Catalonia was the second most visited community, with almost 900,000 arrivals, representing an increase of 2% with respect to January 2017

Digital Agenda celebrates the Iberoamerican first Ministerial meeting

The objective of this meeting is to exchange ideas on strategies and initiatives to improve the digital ecosystem

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